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Mathematically Proven

to Deliver 31% More Leads from the Same Ad Spend in 30 Days or Less

If you are running Google ads for your service business and want more, higher quality inquiries without:

● firing your agency

● learning software that takes months to set up

● or changing your PPC management processes...

... ... then PPCPrime is for you.

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We Multiply the Learning Power of Every Ad $

Do you get frustrated trying to analyze search terms when you only have a handful of data to work from?

Well, you're not alone - not anymore.

We aggregate anonymous data across whole markets so that you can discover and deploy an entire industry of data.


1) You can stop wasting ad spend on search terms that don't convert for anyone.

2) You can uncover the high converting search terms you are missing.

3) Cost per lead reduces by on average 31% in 30 days or less, meaning you can grow your business without spending more money or firing your agency.

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We Are PPCPrime

Originally built for an agency with over 1,000 client accounts and $20 million in annual ad spend that needed to share learning and results across clients in each industry.

    Tyler Lebens

    Tyler Lebens


    Owner, ibiz Marketplace, ibiz Market Data, and ibiz Chatbots - Online marketing strategist. Helping business owners succeed through a host of products and services. At ibiz Market Data, we specialize in PPC data collection, which literally shows you what your competition is doing. What key words are they using, when they run ads, what their ad spend is, what their ads look like, what offers are they currently putting out there, how many clicks they are getting on an ad, and so much more. Our PPC data intelligence is second to none, and will very quickly show results that move your company above the competition in both visibility and click conversions.

How Is PPCPrime Different?

We understand that most ad automation tools suck. Even the good ones take time to set up, require lots of effort and the results are really hard to measure.

We're not an automation tool. Far from it. We're an optimization tool with one goal – measurable, verifiable impact on your Google Ads that generates more inquiries for your business.

You do not need to change anything inside your Google campaigns, and we only need a short 15-minute onboard call to get you started and inquiries flowing.

Proof and data is everything to us. That's why our Project Leader is a math professor (and a Google Ads guy).

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Rapid Results

PPCPrime delivers results in 30 days or less (we've seen performance gains under 7 days in several accounts)


Proven Formula

Our proven process tracks every result so you can kick back and relax, and let PPCPredict do all the work.


Expert Coaching

We know how Google behaves, understand the data, and can get you the results your business needs.

What Do People Say About PPCPrime?

Connie L
We were able to keep working with our agency- That's a good thing!

"Our account's results were almost immediate - it was like magic. More conversions and a lower CPA is the goal." 

200% ⬆︎ IN CONVERSIONS CPA ⬇︎ BY 63%

Michael H

Watching my numbers change in 7 days! WOW!

"The long term benefits from PPCPrime have been huge for our company... and it keeps improving our accounts!" 

91% ⬆︎ IN CONVERSIONS CPAs ⬇︎ 25% 

Janet R

PPCPrime is a Game Changer!

"Our conversion rates have never been higher. Our accounts are highly optimized with less manual work now." 

350% ⬆︎ IN CONVERSIONS CPAs ⬇︎ 79%

Joel B

It's everything they said it would be. Awesome!

"We started seeing results in our accounts in ONE week. The service pays for itself in just a matter of months!" 

147% ⬆︎ IN CONVERSIONS CPAs ⬇︎ 56%