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Data is our DNA.

Evidence is our breath.

And math is the brain that joins it all together.

We are totally committed to only ever asking for money after we've proven our value to your business.

Click the Get Started button and your journey to more profitable Google Ads campaigns can begin.

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Step by Step to Better Google Ads Results

Our process typically delivers a 31% improvement in your Google Ads results in 30 days or less. Here's what you can expect:

  • Book your onboard call (1 minute)

  • Attend your scheduled onboard call (15 minutes)

  • Grant access to your Google Ads account (3 minutes)

  • Relax and receive regular updates on your account performance

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    We Multiply the Learning Power of Every Ad $

    Do you get frustrated trying to analyze search terms when you only have a handful of data to work from?

    Well, you're not alone - not anymore.

    We aggregate anonymous data across whole markets so that you can discover and deploy an entire industry of data.


    1) You can stop wasting ad spend on search terms that don't convert for anyone.

    2) You can uncover the high converting search terms you are missing.

    3) Cost per lead reduces by on average 31% in 30 days or less, meaning you can grow your business without spending more money or firing your agency.

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    Rapid Results

    PPCPrime delivers results in 30 days or less (we've seen performance gains under 7 days in several accounts)


    Proven Formula

    Our proven process tracks every result so you can kick back and relax, and let PPCPredict do all the work.


    Expert Coaching

    We know how Google behaves, understand the data, and can get you the results your business needs.